Newsletter Q1 2022

Winter has passed and Kanonaden has in the end of March transferred the site responsibility to Vestas. Below is an update on what has happened during the first quarter of 2022.

Knohult & Älgön

Activities since the last newsletter

  • All the infrastructure such electrical grid and road works are completed
  • All the foundation works are completed and ready for erection of turbines.

Ongoing and upcoming work 

  • In the beginning of April 2022 delivery of turbines from Oskarshamn to the windfarm areas will start. 
  • All transports are planned to take place at night
  • Erection of turbine towers and blades will start when parts are delivered to site and continue continuously until completed.


If you have questions regarding the ongoing construction work in the park area or its vicinity, please contact Vindin Vedbo AB's representative on the site, Rainer Härkäniemi, mobile 070 325 50 89.

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