Newsletter Q2 2021

Local Civil Contractor Kanonaden Entreprenad AB commenced construction of the access roads, hardstanding areas and foundations on the 1st March 2021, the wind park has progressed according to plan and works are on scheduled to commence the installation of the foundations in August 2021.

During the installation phase of the foundations, from August to December 2021, there will be an increasing number of transports to the park area. Each foundation will require an average of 40 concrete cars. The proposed transport route will be from Jönköping via the road sections 132 for Knohult and 975 for Älgön.

Below is a brief summary of the works completed to date and what is scheduled for the remainder of 2021 per Wind Park area.


Activities since construction started

  • Majority (~75%) of the blasting has been completed
  • The park's internal access road network is now established.
  • The towers' s staging areas (Hardstand area) next to the wind turbines are established with one hardstand 95% completed.

Ongoing and upcoming work

  • Work on the internal cable network of the park is underway and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2021.
  • Preparatory grading for the foundations of wind towers has begun during the summer.
  • First foundation cement pour is scheduled for August with the planning of all foundations to be completed by December 2021.


Activities since construction started

  • Approximately 45% of the blasts in the park have been completed.
  • The park's internal access road network is approximately 60% established.
  • The towers' s staging areas (Hardstand area) next to the wind turbines are approximately 45% established.

Ongoing and upcoming work

  • The park's internal access roads network has begun and is expected to be completed in September 2021.
  • The works on the foundations will commence once the access road network is completed.  The foundations are scheduled to be completed during January 2022.
  • The need for further blasting is expected in conjunction to the excavation work for roads, foundations, and cable trenches.

Wind Park contact details.

If you have any questions regarding the ongoing construction work in the park area or its vicinity, please contact Vindin Vedbo AB's representative at the site, Rainer Härkäniemi, mobile 070 325 50 89

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